Gastronomy is one of the main elements of the essence of Sa Pobla. Heirs to the substantial cuisine of yesterday, perfecting old recipes, today's restaurateurs offer the best dishes of traditional and popular cuisine in a genuine and refined manner. Thus, the gastronomy of Sa Pobla is characterized by the presence of local products of first quality, like for example the rice and the potato and the use of spices in its preparations. ¡In fact, Sa Pobla has the reputation of being the the spiciest town of Majorca!

Throughout the year, there are several times when Sa Pobla becomes the gastronomic capital of Mallorca: Sant Antoni festivities, Potato Night Fair, Pobler Rice Fair, etc.


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Do you want to live a unique experience? Come to our village on a Sunday! The weekly market of Sa Pobla is held every Sunday morning from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm. During this day, restaurants and local agricultural products become the protagonists of Sa Pobla.

Our market is mainly located in the Plaza Mayor, the nerve center of the town. There you can find sellers both local and from all over the island who offer a wide range of products at very attractive prices. So, it is a good place to find all kind of fruits, vegetables, flowers, country goods, etc. But you can also find household goods, clothes and many more items.

Around the market there is also a great offer of bars and restaurants where you can try the most traditional "tapas pobleras", of recognized prestige in all Majorca: the "variat pobler" ("varied pobler"). The "variat" is a combination of dishes from the Mallorcan gastronomy that can be served in a sandwich or on a dish. The most typical dishes are the loin with mushrooms, the tongue, tripe, "picapica", Russian salad with potato poblera, croquettes, squid and liver "banderillas” (mini skewers).


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During the Sant Antoni festivities on January 16-17, Sa Pobla becomes a central point for the gastronomy, popular customs and festivities of the entire island of Mallorca. For weeks, the main ingredient of the gastronomic elaborations of the municipality is the eel. Thus, this typical fish of the area of the Albufera becomes the protagonist of the kitchen of the houses in town.

Such is its importance, that every year in the framework of the festivities, the Gastronomic Exhibition of the Eel is held. This exhibition brings together the majority of bars and restaurants in the village and usually lasts two weeks, allowing you to taste the most typical dishes of the village made with the star ingredient of Sant Antoni, the eel.

On the other hand, if the main ingredient is eel, the most famous and traditional dish during these days is "espinagada". This is a dough based on flour, water and yeast with a rectangular shape where the eel, vegetables and spices are the protagonists. It must be said that there are also other types of "espinagades" that do not have the eel as an ingredient, for example the "espinagades" of loin with cabbage. In addition, during the festival of Sant Antoni other typical dishes of Sa Pobla are cooked, such as the "cocas" (pies) of roasted peppers and of vegetables.


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In June, more specifically on the first Friday and Saturday of the month, the Night Potato Fair is held at night. Different bars and restaurants in the town offer in the Plaza Mayor a sample of their specialties made with potatoes .Thus, one can find rations of dishes made with potato as the main ingredient from a traditional or avant-garde point of view, and they cost from 1 to 4 euros.




Rice cultivation is one of the most traditional crops in the village. This has made the rice of the "bomba" type to become one of the star agricultural products of Sa Pobla along with the potato. For this reason, the last weekend of November the "Pobler" Rice Fair is held, which revolves around the world of rice and agriculture, among other themes. Thus, the "pobler" rice becomes the most used ingredient in the town's kitchens.

In addition, for two weeks the program "Menjar bé a sa Pobla" ("Eat well in sa Pobla" in Catalan) is carried out and it includes the offer of the best rice dishes from the different bars and restaurants in town. The most famous rice dish in Sa Pobla is "arròs brut" ("dirty rice" in Catalan). This is a dish that is usually eaten especially during the colder months and is a rice dish with meat, vegetables and many spices, which give it a characteristic flavor, color and aroma.




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